Want to buy a new home, get your equity out of your current home, while not moving twice, not having temporary housing, and minimizing paying double mortgages/rent?? We think of these dual transactions as “aligning the stars.”But win-win situations such as these often peoples ideal situation, not always easy to execute, but more commonplace than you might think – especially when you work with the right realtor.

The trick to being able to have this kind of success with selling and buying is to have a realtor willing to be the bridge between the two transactions. This is NOT the same as having a dual agent (that is one who represents the buyer and the seller in one transaction, which we don’t do because it’s truly a conflict of interest). Instead, its having an agent who can help their client sell their home at top dollar while buying their next home – all the while keeping a roof over their client’s head.

When we first meet with clients we encourage them to sign with us early; even if they think their search is a ways off. This allows us the opportunity to suggest changes they may need to make in their current home so that, when it is time to begin searching for the next home, they are ready to act.

And that’s exactly what happened with many of our clients. One of our client acted quickly to win a short sale and saved a lot of money, then sold his own home for $25,000 over list price! After signing with us and agreeing to stay in touch (he assumed it would be at least a year before he’d be ready to start actively looking) he began receiving MLSupdates. A short sale came on the market that seemed like the perfect opportunity and we moved fast to get it under contract. What happened next wasn’t luck – it was planning. Our client’s home was staged and put on the market on the right day at the right price. We received five offers and the sales price went up. Because there were competing buyers we were able to get the very best terms, including a rent back.

If buying and selling is in your future, be sure and sign with a realtor early and have your I’s dotted and T’s crossed so you’re ready to go with your dream property goes live. Put your fate in the hands of a skilled professional who knows how to ensure seamless transactions for maximum gain.

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