When it comes to helping buyers find the right home, we know that research is key. Sure we’ve done our research to help identify the right areas to search, and what listings will interest you…but we’ve also done background research on the listing agent to help put us in a position to succeed.

By looking at the history of other agents we can determine the pricing strategies of other agents and use that intel to your advantage. Sometimes we can uncover information that helps us get a better price; sometimes it helps us know if we need to bid up or if they are about to a price drop. Whether they are a realtor full time or part time can make a big difference in how we negotiate. Do they get 99% of their original list price or 92%? Do they withdraw their listings just to relist to manipulate the DOM? Do they drop their price every 30 days on the market? Are they brand new and have no idea what they are doing?

FASS Results Group’s professionals are charged with the task of helping you find a place to call home. We don’t take that responsibility lightly; in fact we care every bit as much about our buying clients as we do about our selling clients. If our research can uncover information that benefits you as the buyer, then we know we’ve done our job.


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