As a buyer, the process of searching for and buying a home has the potential to be emotional. Our advice is to always check that emotion at the door. In fact, we hope you can avoid falling in love with one place. Instead, keep your options open.

Know which property is your top choice and start there. Your agent will write up an offer and let the seller’s agent know that you are interested in other properties as well. Whether the seller accepts, rejects, or counters tells you about their level of motivation for selling their home.

If they counter your offer, keep the conversation going. But if they reject your offer, then move on to another property. Avoid groveling and remember — this isn’t necessarily the end! Maybe they’ll come crawling back before you submit your next offer. But because you’ve tried to remain impartial you aren’t heartbroken if the house does indeed fall through. This allows you to get a great deal when negotiating for house #2 (or #3).

At FASS Results Group we do keep the door open by telling agents that, while we are exploring two other properties, we remain interested and will come back if the other properties don’t work out.

Many agents aren’t willing to work this hard – it takes a great deal of time to write contracts and negotiate with other realtors. But we take our relationship with buying clients very seriously, so some extra back-and-forth is worth it when it results in happy homeowners.

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