In real estate, time is of the essence. How fast we are able to react when listings come on the market can make the difference between a signed contract and disappointment.

Since we know time is of the essence in every potential transaction, our brokerage developed a way to borrow time. We developed and participate in a forum where we list “coming soon,” properties. The best part is, numerous other firms and agents participate
as well. That means we can know, well ahead of time, if something our clients may love will be coming up soon. And that means you aren’t buying a home today when your dream home is coming soon.

NOTE: Listing agents that list coming soon homes weeks or months in advance is doing a disservice to Sellers since pre-marketing doesn’t fully market to everyone. Sure, it can generate a decent contract BUT is it the best buyer out there? Sure makes the job a lot easier for that Listing Agent to move on to the next listing when their Coming Soon listing sells before ever hitting the MLS and being fully marketed. Is that better for the Seller or that Agent, hmmmm?

At FASS Results Group our goal is to give our clients every advantage in their home search. Knowing what is coming down the pipeline is just part of what sets us apart. But more than that, it is our ability to use that information to our advantage and work quickly to get your perfect home under contract!Our goal is to get 2+ Buyers, as competition creates better terms and higher prices.

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