Does the cost of Staging a home make sense for Sellers in today’s real estate market?

People are always asking me Do we really need to stage? Our place looks pretty good. The simple answer is absolutely. Imagine if you were car shopping….but at your local mall parking lot. Now imagine picking a car you like from the outside, only to feel uncomfortable the moment you sat in the drivers seat when you see the owner’s personals all around. You’d want a discount on that car or more realistically move on to the next one.

We understand it’s hard to put money into a property you are selling, but think of it as an investment. For the Buyers, purchasing a home is not only their largest purchase and investment, but it’s also a very emotional decision for buyers. As a Seller, the goal is to appeal to as many buyers as possible and ideally get multiple contracts = get the best price and terms. Additionally, 80% of buyers in the current market will see a new listing with 10 days of listing! These buyers haven’t liked the current inventory, so are waiting for new homes to hit the market. It’s critical to grab these buyers’ interest right away. Unless they can walk in and envision themselves hosting parties, watching their kids run around, cooking in the kitchen, taking a bath, they will write it off and wait for the next home. If they love it, “Show Me the Money!”

The longer a property sits on the market, the lower the sales price tends to be. Think about when you go to a hotel, you feel comfortable just plopping on the bed, like you are home. You want to create that feeling in each room of the property, so they are ready to BUY! If it doesn’t sell in the first 2-3 weeks, be prepared to get a lower price. If you can get 2+ contracts in first week, you could get more than your asking price.

So you or your Realtor thinks they can stage themselves? There’s much more than just going to Target and buying some trinkets and pillows – there’s color psychology, placement, where to draw your eyes, style, how it will look in photos, etc. Leave it to the trained experts!

But will it pay off? YES. Properties that are professionally staged for quicker and higher NET value.How much? It depends. My personal opinion is that staging investment can return 200%-500%+ of that staging fee (assuming you have the Right Realtor and Stager).

We recommend investing in your property to get a better return and minimizing having stress of your property sitting on the market.


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