Why 2 Contracts are so important….

You are wondering why 2 contracts so important, since it only takes one contract to get your house sold?. BUT will that contract be for the highest price and best terms?  The BEST way to get the ideal contract is 2 or more contracts competing.

The greatest chance of this is the first 10 days on the market, which is why it is critical Sellers put their best foot forward for those “ready buyers” who are waiting on new inventory and go out quickly to see a new listing.  After about 3 weeks on the market 80% of already active buyers will have seen a new listing and now Owners are waiting on new buyers in the market who are wishy-washy and need to see all the inventory before making a decision.

However, with an aggressive Realtor that knows how to negotiate, strategize, and execute, there’s still opportunity to get multiple contracts, even when the DOM have been creeping up.  It’s actually not an easy task and takes experience and knowledge to create that type of demand.   But owners are thrilled when the ideal RESULTS are delivered in the form of a great price and ideal terms.

To create the best shot at this, we help educate our sellers on how to deliver the best product:  depersonalize, fresh paint, updates, and staging.   Think about if you were selling your car tomorrow, is it “show ready” where someone would be thrilled to drive off with it at your full ask price?   Chances are that car needs to be cleaned up.

Make sure to check out our SELLING ADVICE to learn more.   If you are thinking of selling your home, and it’s likely your biggest investment, do your due diligence and get educated.   Contact us so we can help give you your options to achieve RESULTS!

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