We are different!

In today’s market it’s important to be different – Here is how we are different:

All members of the FASS Results are licensed full time Realtors. We pride ourselves with great communication skills. We consider ourselves as partners and we inform you of every step of the process. With the knowledge that every client has different needs and expectations, we want to get to know YOU and develop an appropriate strategy that works for your unique situation.

Our mission is simple: working together to achieve your real estate goals while making it a smooth process!

Here are some significant ways we’re different than most other agents to help our Buyers get their dream home:

  • We always put YOU first and we work around your schedule! We’ll walk you through every step of the process, spend as much time as needed finding the perfect home for you, and make sure you get the best price and terms.
  • Sourcing properties – We set ourselves apart by proactively sourcing homes for you (on and off the market). We have a robust inventory of ‘off market’ properties. These are properties that won’t go to the public market, you get the opportunity to avoid competition on the hottest homes.
  • No Dual Agency – It is legal in Virginia, but we don’t it is in the best interest for our clients.
  • Terminate any time agreements – if things aren’t working out, we don’t want anyone to be ‘stuck’ with us, we want you to achieve your goal, not stand in the way of it
  • No Admin Fees – these are just a brokerage money grab, not in clients’ best interest
  • Agent ‘bonuses’ – there are often listings that offer agent bonuses for bringing contracts by certain dates – we don’t accept bonuses, anything offered is given to the buyer
  • Fees – as listed in the MLS – we accept the fee that’s offered by the sellers so buyers don’t have to come up with it out of pocket to pay our fees (this can get complex sometimes, requires further explanation)
  • No affiliations – we won’t recommend affiliates that receive benefits or give benefits to agents, or that brokerages own outright or partially own (this is very common). We want our clients to know that we only recommend excellent partners because they’re great, not because we’re getting something out of it
  • We’ll never try to push you into buying something that isn’t a good fit or keep you under contract to ‘save the deal’. We always support our clients decisions, even if it means we don’t close as many transactions – it’s always about the clients’ needs, never about us

Here are some significant ways we’re different than most other agents to help our Sellers:

  • We spend often hours on comprehensive market analysis to give you the best inside on how to price your property. We evaluate recent neighborhood sales (both currently pending – as they will be your latest comps – and sold homes). We compare list prices to net sold prices to DOM to assessment values. We give adjustments for features that add value (i.e. an addition) or features that detract value (i.e. busy road), just like an appraiser would.
  • List Price – We don’t just give you a number you want to hear, so you’ll hire us and that we may or may not actually help you achieve it. We tell you what you need to hear, backed by data. We also supply a range for the list price, since we are not buying it. The range is based on what type of risk you want to take on. Do you want to list on the high side of the range, understanding there may be a buyer who will pay it but also understanding it could sit with no offers (or offers for less). Or do you want to be on the low end of the range to try to generate more interest, but also possibly leaving money on the table. A list price – in our opinion – is a starting point. It can go up or down, depending on interest. We know how to make it go up when there are contracts competing for our listings.
  • Staging – We work with a great team to provide professional advice to prepare your home for the market. We will inform you what changes are necessary – from paint to lighting to a large remodel – to attract the most buyers in order to get a big return on your investment. Statistics show buyers make up their minds in less than 90 seconds!
  • We supply strategic marketing plans to capture the attention of the highest number of buyers.  And when that first contract comes in, our job has merely begun, as we strive to obtain 2 or more contracts, understanding sellers receive better price and terms when buyers are competing.

We stand apart by serving as your real estate advisor with elite level of negotiation skills.  We educate you on your options and help you analyze risk, but ultimately try to lead you into a confident position to make decisions.

If these are not arguments enough on why you should work with the FASS Results Group check out our over 100 ALL 5-Star Client reviews online : www.FASSResults.com/testimonials

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