FASS Results Group understands that along with being one of your biggest investments, it’s also the place you’ll call “home” for years to come.

We’ve helped many buyers “win” when competing (and not for the highest price!) or score that perfect property that never hit the market.  It’s experience, hard work, and negotiation skills that set us apart from other Realtors. Our strategy is to put you in a position to get you in your dream home, while enjoying the journey there.

We’ve also garnered a lot of success through methods other Realtors rarely consider, including aggressively pursuing properties that are NOT listed in the MLS – even those that are For Sale By Owner.  And we will even encourage a back-up offer, because they often work.

Buying and selling are very different processes, but equally important to the FASS Results Group.

Our goal is to make you homeowners while making it a great experience.  This also includes aligning the stars when buying and selling at the same time – minimizing double payments and avoiding moving twice.  Our proven, strategic approach is how we achieve FASS Results for you.