Virginia Disclosures and How To Research a Property

We’ve developed the below list as a sort of FAQ. We’re happy to help with any research you need, but every aspect of the discovery isn’t important to every client, so we need you to tell us what you care about.

Virginia is considered a “Buyer Beware” state, so the onus is on the buyer to research and discover potentially undisclosed issues with a property. Let us know what items of are concern to you and we’ll help with the due diligence and discovery, we cannot take responsibility for undiscovered or undisclosed items.

We encourage you to avoid knee jerk reactions, and avoid uninformed, unprofessional opinions you may find while Googling and searching the all-knowing interwebs.


Here are some resources that you can check during the inspection period, or while you’re considering the purchase of a particular property:


County Property Records will give you year over year tax assessment information, you can usually navigate from these pages to see if there are any near future tax increases in the works legislatively:


County Development Records – you can get a gist of any major development proposed or approved in your new neighborhood:


Schools – you can check the school systems Capital Improvement Plans for any upcoming construction or improvements, and check demographic data for individual schools:


Here are some links to more information about some common concerns our clients have had in the past:

We’re at your service and happy to help and share our experience and information.