Experienced Lead Buyer Agent - Full Time Position

FASS Results is a boutique real estate firm in Northern Virginia providing exceptional service to Buyers and Sellers. Our core value is to create great experiences for all Clients and Team members, while listening to each person’s goals and achieving optimal Results.

FASS Results has been growing about 25% per year organically, thanks to our loyal Clients and amazing Agents. Our goal is to continue to give that “white glove” service to more Consumers and exceed expectations. Being Results driven is rewarding for both our Clients and Team.

We are looking for a FULL TIME EXPERIENCED licensed Realtor that is eager to learn, excited to help, able to multitask many things, has exceptional communication skills, super positive attitude, organized, is a team player, and ready to be busy 7 days a week!

Position Responsibilities:

  • Respond timely to buyer inquiries to the Firm
  • Document, track and follow up with Leads/Clients in our CRM databases. Manage leads in the database, track from consult to close. 
  • Perform meeting presentations - for listings and potential buyers to educate clients about Fass Results.
  • Consult with clients in order to discover their property desires; then find properties that meet those needs.
  • Prepare and review Real Estate documents, from offers to closing contracts to include negotiating purchase agreements, contracts, and addendum with buyers and sellers and other agents.
  • Manage calendars: appointments, inspections, walk-thrus, meeting contractors, closings.
  • Host open houses for the team’s listings (2-3 per month) and other events.
  • Prospect for new business daily
  • Follow up on leads and open house prospects. 
  • Research properties, schedule and book showing appointments for buyers. 
  • Conduct market analysis, agent’s sales history, and gather critical data to help determine accurate property value.  
  • Negotiate on the client’s best behalf!
  • Educate clients on all their options, including the risk/reward for every option along the way (offer price, contingency terms, inspection and appraisal negotiations, walk-thru items)
  • Proactively search for any issues or resale concerns to educate the buyer
  • Attend Home Inspections to provide clients with options
  • Help find “off-market” homes for all of our clients to provide more options.
  • Work with the lender & Title Company, and attend closings and provide support for clients.
  • Attend meetings and calls with the team and the Broker.
  • Other: being on top of technology, social media, and other supportive platforms is important in an ever changing market.  We support old and new ideas. 
  • Be a team player!  The culture in our team is important to us. We are supportive of each other and need someone to fit into the FASS Family.

Provide Team Support: 

  • Screen incoming calls. Determine the priority and respond appropriately, along with appropriate action and follow-up. Book appointments, track in CRM. Follow up.
  • Help generating and sending letters, emails, marketing materials, status reports, and other related documents, as needed
  • Assist with client gifting, team and client parties, and other duties as assigned.
  • Participate in helping the Team, when available
  • Provide suggestions for process improvements, training, and onboarding new members
  • Occasionally help out with showings for other Team members

Key Skills/Qualities Required:

  1. Excellent at building rapport with all customers and clients
  2. Service oriented and great with people
  3. Critical thinking and proactive problem solving skills
  4. Knowledge of the Northern Virginia housing/ territory 
  5. Experience with pricing analysis with comparables
  6. Coachable and desire to learn
  7. Experience working with Bright MLS, Zipform contracts, DocuSign, CRMs,  Excel, Google docs, video chats, & Social Media, Marketing,
  8. Strong written and verbal communication skills 
  9. Good organizational skills and amazing ability to multitask
  10. Team player and willing to help
  11. Has a reliable car and proof of insurance
  12. Virginia Real Estate License (2+ Years)
  13. Self motivated - your efforts are directly tied to how much money you can make
  14. Work on SOI leads/sales  
  15. Flexible schedule and availability 7 days a week - not a part time position


The Firm’s support team helps provide leads, as well as generate buyer agreements, draft contracts, DocuSign, help schedule showings, meet contractors, attend inspections (case by case),  assist with contract to close processes & helps with marketing for listings.   Primarily the lead agent should do most of the showings but the Firm’s support staff can assist with showings and appointments when needed.  

Additional Value Add:

  • Brand/Name Recognition
  • Lead Generation
  • Systems/Technology
  • Administrative Support (Licensed Admins)
  • Leadership Support
  • Team Players
  • Marketing
  • Mentoring Programs to learn the FASS way
  • Large network of great vendors
  • NO Transaction Fees


We want to make sure we are adding the right fit into our positive and successful group. If you’re ready to take on a challenge, grow, and succeed, please submit a resume and cover letter, including why you are looking for a change, your goals with your next position, and how you think you can be an asset to FASS Results.

This is not a salaried position. 100% Commission, provides you unlimited potential- $100k-$200k+
1099 Independent Contractor

NOTE: Any submissions that don’t follow these basic instructions will not be reviewed. Template cover letters will not be reviewed, we’re looking for a genuine connection and desire from someone who really wants THIS career opportunity, not just any job.

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NOTE: Any submissions that don’t follow these basic instructions will not be reviewed. Template cover letters will not be reviewed, we’re looking for a genuine connection and desire from someone who really wants THIS job, not just any job.