Preparing to Sell

Congratulations! You are ready to SELL! Let FASS Results Group help you with your big move.

But first we must understand YOU and your GOALS to help make sure we have the right plan of action! There are always choices and options. And each Seller has different risk-tolerences and motivations! A few things we’d want to know:

What to invest in your own home?

  • We say “Clutter eats equity” so start packing – you are moving anyhow!
  • “Light sells” so we want to make it as light and bright as possible
  • We’ll help advice where to make improvement and get the biggest bang for you buck
  • We have independent contractors we can recommend for home improvements.

Are you buying and Selling at the same time?

  • Do you need to get the current equity out your home to qualify for your next purchase? ...while NOT moving twice and NOT paying double mortgage? Let us align those stars for you!

What’s the List price?

  • We don’t come in with a price the day we come see your home. How could we price your home without even seeing it? Plus, it literally takes many hours of real analysis and comparisons to come up with accurate pricing. We will educate you.
  • Real estate changes every single day – homes list, they go under contract, and then sell for the final Sales Price. We recommend finalizing your list price the week you list it. Why? Because too much can change. (We’ve actually recommended our sellers INCREASE the price we’ve come up with, when inventory is low)
  • We’ll want to understand your risk tolerance and help you give you “Vegas odds” in determining if you want to list on the high, mid, or low side. It’s your home, your money, and your risk tolerance.

You need to get it sold quickly or not in a rush?

  • We’d like understand your risk tolerance with possible different outcomes
  • Open to testing the market or pricing?
  • Are you flexible on closing?
  • Do you want to limit showings?
  • Do you need a rent-back?

Are you too busy or out of State?

  • Need assistance getting your property ready?
  • Be confidence with our top-notch communication
  • Online contract negotiations and electronic signing

Whatever it is, FASS Results Group will work with you and provide you multiple options to accomplish YOUR goals.